The challenge Mary, the mother of Jesus faced and how it applies to challenges we face in our daily life

Living in this world we all face challenges that overwhelm us with unexpected responsibilities. Many a times we find ourselves worn down by the daily struggles of making ends meet. Mary, the mother of Jesus faced all those challenges and not just that she met them with success. There is a lot that we can learn from Mary.

Mary, the daughter of Heli from the tribe of Judah, played a very unique role in the outworking of God’s purpose. When she was first visited by Angel who said “Good day, highly favored one, Jehovah is with you”, she was obviously disturbed. She was disturbed because she has been chosen for the amazing but extremely serious assignment of conceiving and raising the God’s Son.

Can you imagine the kind of responsibility that was placed on the shoulders of this young, unmarried woman! How do you think she should have reacted? After all who would have believed in her story? Such a pregnancy would have cost her the love of Joseph and might have subjected her to public shame. But how did she react? She did not hesitate to accept this weighty assignment. She submitted herself to the will of God and was willing to face the challenges that lay ahead because she valued the spiritual privilege.

Giving birth to baby Jesus was no easy task. We know the kind of trouble she and Joseph took in an unexpected change of event that complicated their plans. She had to travel 90 miles on a donkey’s back when she was nine months pregnant. Bethlehem was a crowded place and the only place available for them was stable. Giving birth in a stable was not only hard but also embarrassing and scary. She must have surely poured her heart to God trusting that He would care for her and her baby.

What do we do when we suffer pain in our lives? Many a times we question God “why Lord, why me? Am I not serving you day and night?” We think, since we are serving the most high God, we should not be suffering the challenges of this world. But that’s not why we are here for. Mary faced all the other hardship that many of us face, for example poverty, forced flight from her homeland. Nearly three billion people live on less than two dollars a day.

At least half a million more struggle to make ends meet. Are you able to provide your family with food, clothing, and shelter? When we reflect to all the challenges that Mary faced throughout her life to fulfill the will of God, it gives courage to stand for our faith in the most depressing time of our lives.